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    What is image vectorization?

    It is a complex computational process that converts a raster image, consisting of pixels, into a vector image consisting of lines, curves, and other geometric shapes. Such an image can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality.

    What are vector images used for?

    Vector graphics are mainly used in visual design. For example, if a logo image is low quality and pixels are visible when enlarged, it can be converted into a vector object that can be scaled up to the desired size without losing sharpness.

    Vector images are used as a "map" by dedicated tools: plotters, machine tools with software control. They are ideal for advertising purposes: for souvenir mugs, T-shirts and badges, as well as for making plastic items.

    Support for artists and engineers!

    Computer-aided design systems for automating work with drawings, plans and other technical documents use vector graphics formats. And so you can easily integrate the picture into your project after vectorizing it.

    Many contemporary artists often prefer to work with sketches in the form of vector images or create their own work. If your source of inspiration is in the form of a raster image, Vectorizer will be a useful tool for you!

    What are the advantages of Vectorizer?

    Free vectorization. Vectorizer is a completely free online service that provides services to all on equal terms. You do not need to register or install any software. Just use it and share with your friends!

    High quality of the result is one of the main advantages. The resulting picture corresponds to the highest standards of the graphic design industry and is in no way inferior to what is offered by paid services.

    Easy to use. You do not need to have special knowledge or learn to use modern graphic editors and entire bundles (Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator) to work with vector graphics. These programs, on top of everything else, are expensive.

    Getting results fast. If you have a good enough Internet connection to upload your image quickly, the vectorization process will literally take a few seconds (although it depends on the size and complexity of the picture).

    All you need is the Internet! You can create high quality vector images even from your mobile phone. Just visit the Vectorizer website, upload your raster image and download the ready SVG file.